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What is Smart Google Subscriber?

Smart Google Subscriber is a Greasemonkey userscript designed to help you subscribing to rss, atom and xml feeds in Google Reader.
On each page you visit pointing to a rss feed (or xml, or atom, or rdf), the script displays a small icon in the upper left corner of the page. Then, by querying Google Reader's API, it tells you whether you already suscribed :
rss orange orange > to none of the feeds
rss vert green > to some of the feeds
rss bleu blue > to all feeds
In the list that appears when you hover the icon, feeds you already subscribed are backgrounded in another color...

On page not pointing to any feed, the script displays a light-gray icon pointing to an artificial feed provided by

Download and install

The simpliest way to use Smart Google Subscriber is using Better GReader Firefox extension since my script is now part of this great extension (so glad to be helpfull). Then, check "Smart subscriber (comte)" in the subscribing tab option.

If you don't like packed solution or if you think you will be more up-to-date using original script, you can install this as any Greasemonkey userscript : click on this script link and agree with install terms. The script is hosted on userscripts, which is a huge script repository for Greasemonkey. You can also browse the code there...
With the magic of GM Script Update Control, the script will prompt you about any update.

important : With Chrome, you will have to install Tampermonkey extension before the script can work.


You may modify some parameters. It's now pretty easy since I added an options button using the magic of GM_setValue. Click on the options button at the bottom of the feed list. Changes will be effective after reloading...

If you don't want diffbot to create a feed for pages which doesn't have one

  • click on diffbot is On. Click again to have it back...

If you want to change look and feel of the feed list displayed when you put your mouse over the logo

  • choose your color palette. Userscripts is default but you have two other choices. You might like to had your own, but for this you will have to edit the script or submit your colors...


Leave your requests, comments or bugs report on this page or on the page. You can also post your custom colorpalettes or anything else...
You may also edit directly the script to submit enhancements in etherpad : I visit the page regularly to see if anything has changed...

About this script

I found Smart Google Reader Subscribe Button by Mihai Parparita in 2007. As i didn't like the logo for subscribed feeds, i replaced it. Then I decided to enhance functionalities with two icons : one for all feeds subscribed and another for some feeds subscribed... You might be interested in details about development and other versions of the script you will find in history.


please note the real history for this script only starts at 0.4 version. I putted older branches for information purpose only

  • version S-2.1 detects some other rss feeds links on page where webmaster doesn't use link alternate syntax. Works with Chrome with the help of tampermonkey
  • version S-2.0.b small adjustement to style to integrate some site using width:100% for their div. Thanks to Mats Svensson for reporting this issue
  • version S-2.0
    • added options button and allow user to choose diffbot use or colorpalette straight from ui,
    • added hide button to make this stupid rss logo disapears when it does mask important other things,
    • updated Script Update Control,
    • added a link to the new homepage and made some minor cosmetic tweaks
  • version S-1.3
    • updated Script Update Control which is now "userscript version" proof. Please refer to this script page for more details
  • version S-1.2
  • version S-1.1.b : updated Script Update Control (new f... modifications in script page layout)
  • version S-1.1
    • bug correction. In some case script might create infinite loop :-(sorry for the convenience)
    • you might like to choose your style. It's now possible by editing the script (right click on the script title in GM control) and changing var colPal=cpChrome; line. Choose one of the existing palette (just above) or create your own. It's up to you!
    • if you don't like diffbot, you may deactivate the option by setting SGSDiffbot=1; to 0. Despite i made a very unobstrusive image for these case, you may dislike this everytime logo
    • updated Script Update Control
  • version S-1.0
    • at the end, i managed to control feed by feed wether or not you're subscribed. Very usefull on pages listing thematic feeds...
    • some style modifications. GoogleChromized!
    • some minor updates on code. Using evaluate (xPath) instead of getElementsByTagName
  • version S-0.6
    • version S-0.6.a : icon is now only displayed in main window and no more in the iframes.Since a logo is now always displayed, it was sometime annoying to have it everywhere :-(e.g. in GMail message editing field...)
    • modified the code to avoid bug when some a tag doesn't have an href attribute (sic)
    • added automated diffbot generated feed subscription for page without feed
    • updated Script Update Control
  • version S-0.5
    • replaced chrome orange logo by a base 64 one. Mac and Linux users might like this ;-)
    • added Script Update Control to help users keep up to date
  • version S-0.4
    • added two logo : green and blue
  • version 0.3 : Mihai's one
  • version 0.2 : Jasper's one
  • version ? : Johan's one