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21 avril 2010 (mercredi)

Twitter Follow Helper - Should I Follow Should I Not?

Il existe une traduction [fr] de cette page

What is Twitter Follow Helper?

Twitter Follow Helper is a Greasemonkey userscript / Chrome extension tool designed to help you to decide wether or not you should follow someone on Twitter. On any profile page, the script will add some informations about the activity of the person you're looking at :

  • Does the tweepl follows you? > yes or no
    provided by asking to the DoesFollow (unfortunately new twitter already uses API for telling if you follow the tweepl so can't use again)
  • Social Graph Convergence? > in % and how many common followers, friends and connectors you have.
    provided by asking twtrfrnd. The % is a forged indicator from common followers and friend. Consider that under 1% is low, under 5% is emerging, and more than 10% is much. I will post about the method when i got time...
  • What's the @replies rate? > in %
    provided by asking to FollowCost API.
  • Does the tweepl like to star items? > items s/he starred and was starred
    provided by asking FavStar. Note that if the tweepl doesn't use Favstar, you wont be able to know how many times their tweet were starred. not more maintained since it was not accurate...
  • How many tweets does the tweepl post? > recent tweets a day and mΣ value. All time mΣ value also.
    provided by asking to FollowCost API (yes again. But in the same time you know ;-). Value is displayed in milliscoble. Consider that under 100 is low, over 500 is enough and over 1000 is (too?) much
  • What's the tweepl Grader score? > in %.
    provided by asking to Twitter Grader. not more maintained (everybody has a 80% score, so it's not signifiant)
  • What's the tweepl Klout score? > in % an influence indicator and a type class for the tweepl
    provided by asking to Klout. Consider that over 25 is average and over 40 is strong. Type is suspended since Klout API doesn't throw it...
  • What's the tweepl Search score? > in mentions a day.
    provided by asking to Twitter API. Counting how often @tweepl is mentionned in recent tweets.
  • Who does the tweepl like? > a list of tweeples that are replied, retweeted by the tweepl. Useful to find other friends...
    provided by asking to AutoFF API. 10 or less tweeples, first 3 are displayed, and others when you hover...

Download and install

Please note this script will always be under "developement". It might be a bit buggy. Feel free to tell me behind and be patient, i have a family, some friends and a job that are more important than this script for me.


You can install this script as any Greasemonkey userscript : click on this script link and agree with install terms. The script is hosted on userscripts which is a huge script repository for Greasemonkey. You can also browse the code there... the script will probably be updated from time to time. But with the magic of GM Script Update Control the script should prompt you about any update.


The script used to work through tampermonkey. However, it has become more and more tricky to maintain dual compatibility with firefox. So you can know access all functionality with Twitter Follow Helper extension


Leave your requests, comments or bugs report on just here down or on the page. You can also post anything else...

If you have some old dusty coins, you can put them in my moneybox. It's a good way to tell me you like this.

Click here to lend your support to: Twitter Follow Helper and make a donation at !

About this script

As I'm using Twitter like a human being, not using any bot to parse my timeline or follow anybody and trying to keep conversational, it was very difficult for me to decide whether or not i should follow someone : Following anybody is the best way to collapse under timeline stupid overload.

There are lot of tools all over the internet giving you some good stats on any account. But you can't visit them each time you are about following someone.

Twitter Follow Helper was born.


  • version 0.6 [20120530]
    • adapted to new new twitter style and code (many bug fix and code rewrite)
    • removed favstar and twitter grader as they were pointless
    • first chrome extension version released
  • version 0.5b [20110428] bug fixes after updates on Twitter and Favstar profile pages
  • version 0.5 [20101028] integrating new twitter ui and minor fixes
  • version 0.3 [20100625] minor fixes and added
    • is the tweepl influent and how? (Klout score and type)
    • who does the tweepl like? (via autoFF)
  • version 0.2b [20100420] minor fixes
  • version 0.2 [20100420] first release
    • is the tweepl following you?
    • is s/he in your current network? (Social Graph Score via twtrfrnd)
    • is s/he conversationale (@replies rate)? (via FollowCost)
    • does s/he like to star items? (via FavStar)
    • is s/he a big poster? (via FollowCost)
    • is s/he a graduated tweepl? (via Twitter Grader)
    • is s/he mentioned in tweets? (via Twitter API)

27 mai 2009 (mercredi)

GreaseMonkey Script Update Control

What is GM Script Update Control for?

  • Userscript developpers can include the script in their own to help their users to keep up-to-date.
  • Userscript users can include the script in any of their userscript coming from to keep up-to-date. It's very easy to do with any text-editor...

How to use it?

Good old method : Copy and Paste

  1. Copy part of the source script between
    /* COPY ALL THIS -> END  */
    /* END OF COPY ZONE */
  2. Paste it in your own script just after
    // ==/UserScript==
  3. Update the two vars for Id (Id is the ref number of the script in userscripts : and current version of your script (duplicate of @version yourScriptVersion metadata). Please, remember not to put any space in your version number use _ (underscore) instead.
    var myScriptId=yourScriptId
    var myScriptVersion="yourScriptVersion";
    You can also set control frequency in order to consume less bandwidth set this with this parameter :
    var GMSUCfreq=9;			// frequence of control updates (days)
  4. You might like to customize (very little)
    • Delay before alert disapears (set to 0 if you don't want it to disapear) :
      var GMSUCtime=16;		// delay before alert disapears. 
    • Choose your color palette :
      var GMSUCPal=cpUserscript; 	// colorPalette you prefer
      three are proposed : cpChrome, cpUserscript or cpFlickr, but you may ad any you want to create by defining a new one using var yourPalette=new colorPalette(background,highlight,foreground,light);
  5. That's all, enjoy...

Brand new method may be not working : @require

I did test this method on this testing script and it seems to work.

There are some limitation of @require usage in GreaseMonkey : The GM Script Update Control used by your script will be the one available at the date of the FIRST install by your users. If you update your script, GM_scriptVersionControl function WILL NOT upgrade to last version. Users will have to uninstall and reinstall your script to have it updated. It may cause some compatibility problems...

  1. ad the @require parameter in the header of your script
    // @require
  2. redefine the mandatory parameters
  3. customize if you want with any of the other parameters. See above for more details
    GMSUCfreq=9;    // control frequency
    GMSUCtime=16; // disapearing delay
    GMSUCPal=cpUserscript; // color palette
  4. Launch the script in yours

Do i need to install it?

Definitely not. You may only copy-paste the function from the source script.
But you may find useful to be informed of future updates. If installed, the GmScript will prompt you about this...



the alert message is displayed in French or in English (default) using the navigator.language property. If you put any translation in comment here or there, i will be pleased to implement it. Use the following models please :

// français
Txt[1]["fr"]="Vous utilisez la version";
Txt[2]["fr"]="du script";
Txt[3]["fr"]="La version officielle est différente";
Txt[5]["fr"]="voir le code";
Txt[6]["fr"]="propulsé par";
// english
Txt[1]["en"]="You're using";
Txt[2]["en"]="version of";
Txt[3]["en"]="script. Official release version is different";
Txt[5]["en"]="view code";
Txt[6]["en"]="powered by";

Color palette

If you think you're a color genius and defined a pretty nicest of the world colorPalette, post it here or there...

Anything else

As you can see through Revisions history, i'm very pleased about any comment you can do about this script and its functionalities. And I manage to take care of your idea when i got time for this. Please, don't wait and put anything you brain has in about this script here or there...


as I had no idea about licensing this work, i putted it under the creative-commons by-nc-sa one.

creative commons by-nc-sa logo

Revisions history

  • version 0.5 (2009 06 01)
    • testing enabling @require usage in order to please IzzySoft. Please note :
      • it may not work. I can't test it since none of the script containing @require can be installed on my computer and I don't know why,
      • your GM Script Update Control version will not be updated for your users each time your script is. Users will have to de-install and re-install to have last GM Script Update Control version.
    • added colorPalette management developped for Google Smart Subscriber and made some minor cosmetics "improvements".
  • version 0.4 (2009 04 17)
    • you may now set control frequency for your script in order to avoid too much bandwidth consumption. However, all users connected on release date will be proposed for an update... Special thanks to NOrack who gave me this idea.
  • version 0.3 (2009 04 12)
  • version 0.2 (2009 04 06)
    • fixed bug in Firefox 3.1b/3.5b : new way to handle characters by the DOM causing bad interpretation of version id. Script now cleaning version number for any space, null, return or any "strange" character.
    • fix userscript homepage bug when not logged in (google ad javascript comment marked with <!-- * */--> instead of /* */
    • version only verified in main window
  • version 0.1 (2008 11 26)
    • version 0.1.b (2009 01 21) : updated script to include new script page layout (it's very versatile isn't it?)
    • modified display : three button to go to homepage, source code or install and a link to this page
    • minor bugs removed
  • version 0.0.4 (2008 11 14)
    • moved styling, alert text to avoid loading when not needed
    • added auto-hide of alert message to make script less obstrusive. You might disable it by editing parameters (see above)
    • some customization now (colors) ;-)
  • version 0.0.3 (2008 10 21)
    • gave up remote calling (for the moment)
    • inverted id and version vars (it's way more logical now ;-)
    • rewrited code to embed all parameters (lang, style...) in function
  • version 0.0.2
    • added en/fr language support
    • testing script without @include meta
  • version 0.0.1
    • a : bugs correction
    • added scriptId
  • version 0.0.0 : initial release

19 mai 2009 (mardi)

Smart Google Subscriber [fr]

Smart Google Subscriber est un script Greasemonkey qui aide à l'abonnement aux flux rss des dans Google Reader.
Sur chaque page visitée comportant des liens vers des flux rss (ou xml ou atom ou rdf), le script affiche une petite icone dans le coin en haut à gauche de l'écran qui vous indique si et au(x)quel(s) des flux vous êtes déjà abonné.

Lire la suite...

Smart Google Subscriber

Smart Google Subscriber is a Greasemonkey userscript designed to help you subscribing to rss, atom and xml feeds in Google Reader.
On each page you visit pointing to a rss feed (or xml, or atom, or rdf), the script displays a small icon in the upper left corner of the page telling you whether you already suscribed to the page feeds and which ones.

Lire la suite...