Cette note est une traduction. Les lecteurs francophones préfèreront sans doute l'original : MIFphpSVG conversion Mapinfo SVG [fr]

MIFphpSVG is a tool which converts your MIF files to SVG file format.

What does MIFphpSVG

  • The program converts your MIF files (including MID data if necessary) to SVG files. Only polygons are converted.
  • If a MID file is found, the output SVG can be used by a script to display dynamically the attributive datas.

Disclaimer and licence

This software is not more under development at this moment. Alpha 1 version you can download here under was fully operational when released, which doesn't mean it's still now... In addition, as web browser have been pretty much enhanced since MIFphpSVG release, the html page and javascript produced by the program to view metadatas will probably not work so well.

All this work was produced under Creative Commons by/nc/sa licence.

logo creative commons by-nc-sa

You can copy, distribute and modify as much as you want untill

  • you mention original author [BY:]
  • you use or distribute for non-commercial purpose [NC:]
  • you distribute your modified work under the same licence [SA:]



Install and launch

  1. Install a local php server,
  2. Decompress the .zip in a folder used by your php server,
  3. Copy MIF/MID files in the created folder,
  4. Launch mifphpsvg.php in your browser.

Versions history

  • alpha 1
    • bugs fixing
  • alpha 0